Treatment with Dental Crowns

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Dental crowns are used to restore the proper use and appearance of a damaged tooth. Combined with a dental implant at the Dental Implant Group in London, a dental crown can also replace the form and function of a missing tooth. A crown resembles a cap in appearance, and, in the case of a damaged tooth, is used to cover the entire tooth to cover large cavities and to protect the tooth from further damage. If a crown is used to solve missing teeth problems, it will be attached to a dental implant in the area where the lost tooth is located.


Prior to the fabrication of the dental crown, diagnostics such as X-rays or dental CT scans may be needed to check if a damaged tooth will need a root canal treatment, which should be completed before the tooth can be restored with a crown. The affected tooth will then need to be filed down on the sides and chewing surfaces, to create space for the crown to be fitted. A traditional dental crown treatment will need two dental visits to be completed – the first appointment involving the preparation of the tooth; the second visit involves the actual placement of the crown.

Nowadays, a second visit to the dentist may not be needed because the crown can be manufactured in the clinic, without the need for the crown to be created in a separate dental laboratory. The patient can wait as the dental crown is manufactured chair side, making it possible for the treatment to be completed in just one dental visit.

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