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Steps to Your New Smile

The implant process normally involves several steps that take place over a time from 3 to 9 months. With Mini Implants, however, the implant process can take only days.

A typical process includes:

Initial Consultation – Treatment Planning
At the initial consultation, after discussing possible alternatives, the dental surgeon will assess the feasibility of providing implant treatment. X-rays may be taken and preliminary study models of your teeth be prepared. A written plan is usually then formulated detailing the sequence of treatment and associated fees.

At the time of your initial dental evaluation, Dr Vekaria will discuss your treatment options in great detail and endeavour to give you a comprehensive treatment plan of the options open to you.
He will also show you some of his dental cases similar to yours, to help you understand the procedure involved.

You will be actively involved in creating your new smile, every step of the way, before and during your course of treatment.

Dental Implant Placement
Implants are placed sterile conditions in the dental surgery under conscious IV Sedation. If, after assessment, the underlying jawbone is judged to be deficient, a number of options are made available for bone regeneration. This may be carried out prior to or at the same time as the implant placement.

Healing Period
With some dental implants and upon the Implant placement , the patient will have healed sufficiently within days after surgery (ie: with Mini Implants). In most cases however (as with conventional implants) it is often suggested that a period of three months or more be allowed for the implant to fully integrate and heal. The patient’s own denture or in some cases a simple adhesive bridge can be worn during the healing phase.

The Restorative Phase (Making the Actual Teeth)
Once integrated (or healed), the implants will be uncovered and a variety or restorations will be considered to create the actual tooth (or teeth). The restorations used may be: Dental Crowns: These are made to match the colour of your natural teeth and can be made from either porcelain or ceramic.

Dental Bridges: These are appliances with either a single or multiple artificial teeth in the middle, which is secured into the gap of the missing tooth (or teeth) by clipping itself onto the natural teeth on either side.

Removable Denture: The denture is clipped onto the dental implants.

Following the completion of implant treatment, patients need to clean thoroughly around the implants as instructed by the dentist. They should attend their dentist for regular review so that the health of the soft tissue, bone levels and the integrity of the restoration can be checked.

Aftercare Plan
> First year review & oral hygiene included.
> 5 year implant guarantee
> All complications covered free of charge for 1 year
> We have 99% success rate but if implant needs revision. The practice will perform the revision with no additional fee.

*Subject to T&Cs