A Less Invasive Treatment with Same Day Implants

June 22nd, 2017 by

Dental implants are the ideal solutions to missing teeth problems. When you lose your teeth, you will be bombarded with a number of problems that involve both the proper use and the normal appearance of your smile. Your confidence will also be affected with the knowledge that you have an unattractive smile. An implant treatment at Dental Implant Group in London can restore the beauty and health of your smile, even after you have lost most of all of your natural teeth.

The insertion of conventional implants involves a surgical procedure, to attach the titanium implants into the jawbone. Not all individuals with missing teeth may welcome this surgical procedure, which may be the reason why a lot of missing teeth patients are hesitant to go for dental implants. The long healing period involved is another factor that may turn off patients from an implant procedure. The same day implants technique addresses both issues and makes it easier for missing teeth sufferers to enjoy implant benefits.

Same day implants are inserted using a minimally-invasive procedure, which does not involve cutting the gums and then sewing them closed afterwards. This method also eliminates the need for complicated bone grafting procedures. As the name suggests, the same day implants are fully functional within just one day of treatment – this means there is no need to wait for a few weeks for the implants to be healed before teeth restorations can be attached. You can go in to the clinic with missing teeth, and head home before the evening with a brand-new, healthy smile that will do wonders for your self-confidence!

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